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07 Dec December 07, 2016

What is a Face Frame Cabinet – local advice

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If you’ve started your search for new cabinets, you may have run across a common question. What is a face frame cabinet? When it comes to shopping for new cabinets, you’ll find that there are two styles of cabinetry frames. Frameless cabinets are one popular style that many manufacturers offer. The most traditional style is the face frame cabinet. It offers a classic look that will fit into any room in your home. So, what is a face frame cabinet?

Face Frame Cabinets

In cabinet design, a face framed cabinet has doors that are fixed to the cabinet border frame. This hides the edge of the cabinet box while providing them with strength and durability. Door hinges are affixed to the face frame. In many cases, the shelving is adjustable.

Doors can either be mounted to the inside of the frame or to the front of the frame. Face framed cabinets are considered the classic design, and they are found in many homes.

The Difference Between Face Frame and Frameless Cabinets

The difference between face framed and frameless cabinets is more than visual. The strength of frameless cabinets is supported in the box itself while the frame provides sturdiness to face frame cabinets. While frameless cabinets are gaining in popularity, especially for those who favor a contemporary, modular look, many still prefer the old-world charm of full-framed cabinets.

Choosing the Right Cabinet Style

Though frameless cabinets are increasing in popularity because of their modern aesthetic and roomy interiors, many appreciate the classic appeal that full-framed cabinets provide. Face framed cabinets are also very customizable. Even if the modern look appeals to you, you can make this happen with full framed cabinets.

If you want to ensure that you make the best choice of cabinet style for your home, rely on the advice and support of professionals. A professional cabinet manufacturer and installer will be able to weigh the pros and cons of each style and help you to determine which one will best meet your needs and tastes.

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