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02 Apr April 02, 2011

Very Nice Customer Note

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It is very nice to get happy comments from customers. I wanted to share this one with you that I received from Elizabeth Dingas with EDesigns Custom Interiors.


I just wanted to tell you how much my client and I appreciated the great job My Cabinet Source did in the kitchen I was updating. This kitchen is several years old with a long line of cabinets and drawers on one wall and other smaller runs of cabinets. We had some concerns on the line-up of the hardware as there was no hardware installed previously. The first set of doors with hardware installed did not line-up and I received a call from my client. After a brief conversation with you, your solution was in place. Later that afternoon I arrived at my client’s home and Jose was still there working on the installation. He had the holes all drilled, had checked the alignment of the doors and drawers and was ready to install the hardware. The alignment is perfect and the hardware is beautiful. My client is very happy with the work. She told me how very courteous and helpful Jose was in explaining the process and implementing the work. You have an outstanding employee in Jose. As always My Cabinet Source not only does a great job but does it with a smile. Thanks Louis.