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01 Mar March 01, 2017

Frameless Kitchen Cabinets Expert – My Cabinet Source

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As you begin considering kitchen improvement options, you are likely to discover many frameless cabinet varieties. Frameless kitchen cabinets are constructed without traditional framing, so they have a sleek, modern look.

Standard Frame and Frameless drawer side by side

Standard Frame and Frameless drawer side by side

This style is great for those who prefer spacious cabinets that are easy to access. Openness is the hallmark of frameless kitchen cabinets. Without frames, braces and internal hardware, drawers are wider and cabinets have wider opening to make it easier to get pots and pans and cookie sheets in and out.

Frameless kitchen cabinets are also hailed for their sturdiness. Quality, American-built, frameless cabinets are solid and strong. They have a modern look that fits in well in any contemporary kitchen. Their seamless design flows through a kitchen, adding a unique design element to your home.

Trust the Experts to Install Your Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

Relying on the experts to install your new kitchen cabinets is not only a time-saver. It can also increase the life of your cabinets. While do-it-yourself cabinets may seem like a cost-saver, small mistakes can lead to starting a project over and damage to your home. A cabinet that is not installed correctly can easily come crashing down, hurting your countertops, wall and flooring.

Professional measurement is also a must, if you want your frameless kitchen cabinets to last a lifetime. Cabinets that are not level can cause contents to slide around. If the walls or floor of your home are not exactly level, a professional installer will have the skills to overcome this challenge so that your new cabinets still stay safe and look great. Professional cabinet installers have the tools and the expertise needed to do the job right and avoid any unexpected catastrophes.

Choosing Your New Kitchen Cabinets

When you are ready to start your kitchen cabinet project, consider frameless varieties. There are plenty of American-made options from companies with a reputation for quality. North American Cabinet offers high-gloss white cabinets at a reasonable price. Cabinets by Bishop Frameless are available in traditional woods, foils, acrylics, textured melamines and even exotic woods.

My Cabinet Source stocks a wide variety of frameless kitchen cabinets, crafted in America. All cabinets are the finest quality and available at an affordable price-point. When you are ready to get started on your kitchen project, contact us. We will partner with you to select cabinets that fit your personal style and meet your budget requirements. We have everything you need, all in one place and at a great price with My Cabinet Source.

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