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18 Jan January 18, 2017

European Style Frameless Cabinets | American Made

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As you search for new cabinet styles, you are bound to encounter many European frameless cabinet options. Frameless cabinets are a common sight in European homes, and there are many reasons why more Americans are choosing this style as well. Great for smaller homes or households who would prefer to have a little more space, European frameless cabinets are known for their space-maximizing features. They also provide a simple, contemporary look.

European Style Frameless Cabinets

As opposed to traditional American-style framed cabinets, European frameless cabinets lack external frames and tend to have a less ornate appearance. Perfect for those who like a sleek, modern look, these cabinets utilize straight lines and have full-overlay doors that are attached directly to the cabinet box. Boxes are typically a bit thicker, which increases stability, and cabinets are designed for maximum access.

Not just for kitchens, frameless cabinets work well in bathrooms, living spaces and offices. If you want plenty of room for your pots, pans, toiletries and supplies, they could be just the style you are looking for. These cabinets attach together side-by-side, and without bulky hardware in the way, they make it extremely easy to get to their contents. Without a center stile going down the middle of the two cabinet doors, you’ll enjoy wide open spaces. Shelves are generally fully-adjustable. The drawers in frameless cabinets are usually larger as well.

American-Made Frameless Cabinets

European-style frameless cabinets are available through several American manufacturers. North American Cabinets, for example, offers custom frameless cabinets in high-gloss white and textured melamine varieties, all at an affordable price point. Bishop Cabinets manufactures both framed and frameless cabinets. They are designed to be budget-friendly yet they are still available with custom finishes and in a wide array of colors.

Installing Your New European-Style Frameless Cabinets

Frameless styles are slightly easier to install than their framed counterparts, but this doesn’t mean they are foolproof. When it comes to cabinet installation, it’s important to trust the professionals. Installing cabinets is not a small job, and it’s easy to end up with cabinets that are crooked or not properly secured. Fortunately, My Cabinet Source offers professional installation services.

My Cabinet Source sells many brands of American-made European frameless cabinets, so you are sure to find just what you are looking for. Our team will work closely with you to design the kitchen, bathroom or living space of your dreams and install your new cabinets safely and efficiently.

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