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Types of Cabinetry

We carry many brands in various types of cabinets, so we’re sure to carry something that matches your taste and price point.  


Frameless Cabinets are a style of cabinet offering better accessibility by doing away with the frame on the face of the cabinet.  The doors are mounted directly to the box of the cabinet. Typically, the box is a bit thicker for added stability.  This is good style choice when you’d like to incorporate drawers and want better access to pots and pans and cookie sheets.  Frameless cabinets can be used in many applications including the kitchen, bath, or even office spaces. Here is a list of a few brands that offer frameless cabinets.

North American Cabinets


Advantage Cabinets

Bishop Cabinets



Framed cabinets are by far the most common style of cabinet.  The frame can add additional stability and may be the look you desire.  The face frame typically overlaps the box of the cabinet.  The inside dimensions of the cabinet can be similar to a frameless cabinet, but the opening size will be a little bit smaller.  Here are some of our framed cabinet brands.

Advantage Cabinets

Americana Capital Series


Waypoint Living Spaces

Bishop Cabinets


Inset Cabinets feature doors and drawers that are flush with the face of the frame of the cabinet.  These cabinets must be fitted precisely for them to function properly and to achieve the high quality look you would expect.  We carry fewer brands in the inset style, but we’ve chosen carefully and we’re sure you will be pleased.


Bishop Cabinets