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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a contractor.  Can I still buy directly from you?

Yes.  While we do business with contractors all the time, we'd be happy to work with you directly as well.


Can I remodel my kitchen for under$20,000?

Yes, using a couple of the cabinet lines we carry that would be possible.


Do you offer frameless cabinets?

Yes we do. Our Advantage and our NAC Cabinet Line is frameless and DeWils offers a frameless cabinet and our Bishop Line offers frameless  as well. We carry frameless, framed,and inset cabinets.  That's why we can say we offer every type of cabinet made!


Do you carry unfinished cabinets?

Yes, some of the manufacturers that we sell offer their products unfinished. Call us for more details.


Do all of the cabinets you sell have plywood boxes instead of particle board?

Yes, all of the products we sell have plywood boxes. Plywood is a much more durable material for the cabinet structure and most of our customers prefer plywood structures.  Some of the manufactures do offer particle board versions of their cabinets, but you'd need to ask.


I'm looking for the best value for an American Made.  Do you have something for me?

Yes, the Americana Capital is a very cost effective line.  You could say they offer American Made for the price of imported cabinets.


Are there accessories available for your cabinets?

Yes, there are many accessories available in  all the lines we carry. Give us a call to get the details.


Is your cabinet hardware expensive?

No, we have some of the best prices on cabinet hardware.


Do you offer installation services?

Yes we do. In fact, we'll measure for you to ensure everything fits just right.


Can you do built-in's with the cabinets you sell?

Yes we can. By picking the right cabinet line, we can achieve that built-in look.


Are your cabinets custom?

Yes, some of the cabinets we offer are truly custom. They can be made any way you want them.


Can you beat the prices on the big box stores web-site?

Yes we can!  In fact, we even offer exclusive features at better prices in many cases as well.