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Bishop Frameless

NEW Bishop Frameless Cabinets

We are offering introductory pricing on a new line of "Frameless" cabinets from Bishop Cabinets.

We're passing our factory direct discounts on to YOU! We will design and install Bishop Frameless cabinets at a introductory 50%  discount. Also free custom colors. Choose any color in the Sherwin Williams paint deck. Bishop Frameless offers traditional woods, painted styles, foils, solid acrylic, painted glass with a metal frame and Textured Melamines.  We even offer Exotic woods.

Please take a look at the frameless brochure here: BishopFullAccessBrochure Then schedule an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your project. 

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"Frameless Cabinets" provide a clean, high-end modern look! With expert installation from My Cabinet Source, you'll be thrilled with your cabinets for years to come!