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Americana Capital

This Cabinet Line is creating a storm in the cabinet world. It is all plywood boxes, all solid wood fronts. It has a dovetailed drawer with an undermount, softclose, full access slide as standard. They took some of the most popular door styles and colors and offered those in this line. This is all American materials, all put together in the US and it is made up in 14 days at an unbelievable price.

Americana Capital-Atlanta RP Door-Nutmeg Shadow Color

We now have a list of available cabinet sizes in the American Capital line. Call us to get a copy of the list: 281-249-5098

Capital Kitchen during install. This is Atlanta door with the flat panel, nutmeg color.

Why would you even look at Ready-to-Assemble cabinetry? This line costs less money, comes fully assembled, and is made in the USA.

We have a display unit for this line in our showroom, feel free to stop by and check it out. We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Reasons to buy Americana Capital Cabinetry:

– All Plywood box construction
– I-beam box construction
– Under-mount, soft-close glide (standard)
– Extreme low cost
– All made in the USA
– Solid wood dovetailed drawer
– Made up in 14 days




This is a brand new line offered by a major cabinet company. They have been in the cabinet business for 25 years. This line is designed to compete directly with imports, and I’m the first dealer to carry this line in Houston. It is an all plywood box with  solid wood fronts.  There is no particle board in this product and it is all made in the USA. It has a solid wood drawer with an undermount soft-close glide. All of the materials are made in America and it is assembled in America.  On our sample 10 X 10 Kitchen the price comes in at $2206.00 with the Dover door,Shaker Stained Door (check with us for a copy of the floor plan). This price includes cabinets only.   This price is for 11 cabinets

2- 18″x30″Wall     1 30″x30″Wall   1 12″x30″ Wall   1 30″x15″Wall  1 36″x12″Wall  1 24″x30″ Diagonal Corner Wall  1 24″ Base  1 36″ Sink Base  1 36″ Corner Base   1 18″ Base

So For  $2206..00 you can order this 11 cabinet kitchen for your home. This includes sales tax in Houston. This is a you pick the cabinets up at our warehouse price!


Paints and glazes are a bit more.

Capital is a line with a choice of the most popular door styles and a choice of the most popular stains and paints all, at a price that competes with imports.  The other amazing thing about this line is that some modifications are allowed.  Check with us for details. These are all assembled at the factory and delivered to Houston, ready to install!

Modifications that are allowed in this line:

  • Finished Interior
  • Increase Depth
  • Decrease Depth
  • Full Height Door
  • Prep For Glass
  • Finished Ends

Download the brochure: Click Here

Video coming soon!

* Select from the styles below. See us for more details.